Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Cone

Miss Chris is in recuperation mode from the most excellent 2008 boutique. Well deserved rest is yet to come though as she enters the Holiday blitz of fresh cinnamon rolls for the masses and parties galore.

Therefore, here I am again, posting a bit about the boutique and her new creations for the event.

I was lucky enough to pick up this awesome Santa Cone and wanted to post some photos for you to see.
Of course the photos never pick up the detail, and believe me there is so much detail in Chris's pieces, so you will have to do some imagining here...

I just love this little guy and I hope she makes more of these next year!

Now get some much needed rest Chris.
Posted by her friend Becky

Friday, November 7, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fionas Family Debute

Fiona and her Family
Whimsical and Lovable Creations of Christine Graf
this blog has an entry to introduce a dear and talented friend of mine to blog land, and serve as an informative site for the fans of Chris Graf and her extremely artistic creations!
I marvel at her ingenuity, each season - telling the story of little Fiona, her family characters, and imaginative playmates. Each detailed figure is lovingly created in paperclay, then expertly painted and accessorized to complement the story. No two are exactly alike, there are no molds used, Chris works with her hands and a few tiny instruments to lovingly shape the intricate faces, hair, bodies, limbs and accessories that bring each Fiona Family member to life. You will notice her signature gold heart attached to each one before they are signed and dated by Chris.
If you are curious about the stories and how Chris came up with the name Fiona, I will be adding a post to explain it all. This debut post is to say Ta-Da---here she is folks and get some photos posted for all to see.
Stella here is one of her new for Halloween 2008 figures. Last week she had over 80 made up for the Halloween season but only a handful remain. She invited a few friends and collectors over for a look-see and they sold out within minutes. I know, I had to grab some up immediately or I would have been SOL! Yes, I'm addicted, who can help it?
Well, I'm signing off now, but will be back with the promised post and any updates. Hopefully I can get Chris to post a little here too if she can get her hands out of the paperclay and paint. The boutique is coming up soon and she needs to fill those displays with Fionas! You go (super talented and bashful) girlfriend!

Love to all,
Becky Woodward (friend to C. Graf)